Attention Luxury Car Manufacturers: What does Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce have in common, but missing?

Attention Luxury Car Manufacturers:  What does Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce have in common, but missing?

So what is the answer to the question?  People

People?  Yes, people.  How can this be the common missing factor among such a highly esteemed group of finely crafted and beautiful cars?  Simple.  The television commercials and short films are normally filled with interactions of people, automobiles and a lifestyle; however not the same criteria is applied to the print advertising.  Don’t believe me?  A quick Google image keyword search for “brand X (example: Rolls Royce) print ads” will show these ads with an interaction between people and the automobiles, brand or the lifestyle at zero or near zero.

Your clients fall into two basic categories:

  1. Ones in the lifestyle.
  2. Others aspire to be in the lifestyle.

Group #1

  • They already own your brand and lifestyle or that of your competition.
  • This group accepts a certain level of lifestyle as normal when it comes to automobiles, furniture, private jets, hobbies, clothing, homes, activities, careers, family, friends, travel, boats, education, etc…
  • They are directly and/or indirectly influenced by their peers when it comes to purchases to maintain the expected or perceived normal standard of living.
Source:  Robb Report Website

Group #2

  • They want to own the brand and to be perceived to be a natural fit for Group #1 and the lifestyle.
  • This group already has picked out one or more of the following:  car, house, plane, boat and clothes for when they do reach Group #1 via pro athlete contract, sell their big idea or .com company, win the lottery, next big promotion, etc…
  • They are directly and/or indirectly influenced by their peers and what Group #1 is doing when it comes to purchases to know what is expected when they arrive in Group #1.

Luxury automobile manufacturers are notorious for focusing on the elegant design and fine craftsman of the car and apply those same points to their marketing.  Yes, there are those that eat up the specs of the car and the designers and engineers should be proud of them.  I recently watched a past Lamborghini presentation of a new model release by a very competent director of design or engineering.  He gave it his best to put on the face of a marketing expert but the words coming out of his mouth were design, specs, design, specs, 1-2 marketing words, design, specs, design specs, 1-2 of the same marketing words, etc…  This was painful for me and it looked the same for the presenter and maybe some of the audience if I could have seen them.

There is a time a place to discuss specs on a vehicle but no one buys a luxury automobile on specs alone without knowing the brand first.  The brand helps make a human connection to what the brand means and is worth to that person.  Some in Group #1 or #2 are sold in their pocketbook and/or mind after they connect with the brand because the connection is already there.

The problem is the majority of buyers of any luxury goods are influenced by people in some way.  Why it is widely accepted Swiss watches are the finest in the world?  Why it is widely accepted Latin women are the most beautiful (I’m married to one)?  Why it is widely accepted Italian leather is the best?  Why it is widely accepted French wine has no equal?  Finally, why it is widely accepted Texas is the best country in world to be born in and live?

Some might disagree with some of my examples (no negotiation on Latin women and Texas); however what is true all of these examples come from the Global collective interaction of three things: 1.  Product  2.  People  3.  Lifestyle = Experiences.

My strategic marketing challenge to each of you and other luxury car and goods manufacturers; package the 3=1 throughout your marketing campaigns form here forward.  You will see not only a boost in sales, but a stronger demand for your brand and the lifestyle that comes with it.

And yes, if you need someone outside the industry but an expert in consumer behavior, business strategy and marketing to make the 3=1 a reality and success in your industry; I’m available to discuss it.

Nathan Christian Whitington | +1.214.556.1322 |

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