Attention: Samsung Galaxy

If you think about the very successful Galaxy S line of phones from Samsung; what is the durability issue known and/or perceived in the marketplace…easily cracked screen.  It isn’t abnormal to see a proud owner of a Galaxy S phone with a cracked screen.  It is great for “after the fact” screen saver sales so fingers aren’t cut swiping the cracked screen.  YouTube is filled with torture test showing the near whisper of it being dropped it cracks in fear.  That maybe a slight stretch; however ask any Galaxy S phone owner with a cracked screen and you will get their sad story of how it happened to them.
Let us say the S4 is more durable than the S3 and the S5 is more durable than all the previous models.  The problem still remains with negative experience of past owners, perception in the marketplace and the competition using the past quality issue to define the future perception regardless of improvements.  Do you go to battle on all fronts and throw millions, millions and millions on multiple campaigns and hold your breath hoping each possible issue has been addressed and market share and units sold tick upwards?  If you think that is the best option, I have some ocean front property in Dallas, Texas you would be a perfect buyer and it is in your price range.
Samsung, how are you going to fix this?  Did you say you’re not sure and you were hoping I might have an idea or two?  I do and it is a simple strategy where an entire marketing campaign could revolve around one message while addressing the screen durability issue on all fronts.
Fact #1:  All wireless phones, regardless of manufacturer, are susceptible to a cracked screen.
Fact #2:  All wireless phone owners will drop their phone at least once during ownership and/or fear they will drop it.
Commercial segment #1(Simple bold black letters on white screen, “Has this happened to you?”).  Show day-to-day ways people drop their phones.  Examples:  Pulling out or putting in pocket or purse, children drop it while playing game apps, drop it in bleachers during young children’s sporting event, 2 year old finds phone on the coffee table and starts using it as a hammer with his toys, etc… (Note:  Do not show Samsung phones, only the main competition).  Phones should all fall and show cracking along with focusing on the expression of the owner in slow motion.
Commercial segment #2(Simple bold black letters on white screen, “So, your phone isn’t bulletproof?”).
Commercial segment #3(“How about the next best thing?”).  Show Fast/Slow 360 motion of Otterbox Commuter and Defender cases with screen protector for Galaxy S phones.  Then show similar examples in segment #1 but with Galaxy S phones in Otterboxes.  Phones drop but no screen cracking and with happy owners.
Commercial segment #4(Simple bold black letters on white screen, “Get your free Otterbox with a purchase or upgrade to a Galaxy S phone.”  Depending on outcome of below paragraph, show retailer(s) participating in promotion on following screen.

Financial Partners:  Besides putting in place a contract with Otterbox to subsidize a portion of the costs of the cases, find retail sponsors to help offset more of the costs or set up an exclusive contract with a large retailer.  Maybe one based out of Fort Worth, TX desperately needing foot traffic in their doors to bolster slumping revenues.

Message Summary:  Plant the seed all wireless phones can end up with cracked screens but the focus is exposing only the competitors with the flaw. With the free Otterbox cases it will put in the mind of the consumer Samsung has addressed and fixed the issue by providing an extra layer of protection.  Competition + cracked phone = bad thoughts.  Samsung + Otterbox = happy thoughts.  The next big thing just got bigger and better.

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