Attention: QuikTrip…Want a sure fire way to increase revenues with a 90% take rate?

Attention:  QuikTripWhat is the primary goal you have for your customers to experience?

  • Clean bathrooms?
  • Friendly staff?
  • Pick up a tasty snack or quick meal?
  • Destination for daily coffee and/or other drinks?
  • Convenient locations?
  • Well designed layout inside and out?
  • Filled and clean windshield cleaner?
  • Great price on fuel?
All the aforementioned are good and goal worthy, but the under current answer is happiness.  When people think QuickTrip (QT) you want a smile to appear externally and/or internally.  The question is how can you convert the feeling of happiness to more revenues with a 90% take rate. Good question.  Do you want the answer?
Let me walk you through this scenario:
  1. You drive up to the pump.
  2. You choose to pay at the pump.
  3. The pump displays a message before you can continue:
    1. “If you pay inside, we will discount this fuel purchase by .05 cents per gallon.”
  4. You choose “yes” to participate in the special.
  5. After filling up you walk inside to pay.
  6. When you cross the threshold you realize while you are inside you might as well get a soft drink, coffee, hot dog, spicy chicken tequito or a pack of gum.
An executive with 20+ years in the industry said it would produce a conversion rate of at least 90% which would more than cover the cost of the discount and sharply increase revenues of any establishment in the industry without geographical limits.
We all know some people, maybe you, will drive across town for .05 cents less per gallon.  Let’s give them a reason not to go anywhere else.
So QuikTrip, to quickly beat the competition to market, now the word is out, you need to find an Executive sponsor.

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