Realtree or Mossy Oak Camouflage Garden Hose?

Product Idea: Camouflage Garden Hose
Target Market: Home Owners

Have you ever looked at a home with beautiful curb appeal and noticed the ugly green, blue, red, orange, black or gray garden hoses lying in the flower bed or yard reducing the lucid ambiance of the house? Or how about the “hidden” garden hose in the garden hose storage box, wall-mounted garden hose reel, garden hose reel cart or one of my favorites…turtle garden hose holder. Think about this…if the different garden hose manufacturers like: NeverKink, SWAN, Goodyear, Flexogen, Colorite, Vigoro, and Gilmour; would create a RVC line (Reduced Visibility Collection) for the home owner with exquisite taste. On the other hand one could market the same product at the same time or in place of to the NASCAR and/or Outdoorsman Market Segment as a cool badge of decorative honor.

The selection of camouflage patterns from Realtree ( or MossyOak ( would be a perfect and natural fit for this new product line.

Two additional print lines to add to the RVC (Reduced Visibility Collection) for those not wanting traditional camouflage:

  • Grass (Bermuda, St Augustine, etc…)
  • Brick or Wood (red, brown. etc…)
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